Bangkok Chinatown Cycling Tour

Bangkok Chinatown Cycling Tour

In the heart of downtown Bangkok lies the always active and often mysterious district of Chinatown. Here, alleys disappear into forgotten temples, exotic markets spill onto the streets, and striking architecture spirals skyward.

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Suited for all riders, this tour exhibits Bangkok's authentic dichotomy where, within mere street blocks, the lively bustle of Chinatown melts into the soothing embrace of country back roads. 

The tour begins amidst the morning commotion of Chinatown. We'll explore the goings-on of a spirited street market before untangling ourselves (and our bikes) from the Chinatown hustle to find calmer surroundings. Crossing the mighty Chao Phraya River, our trail changes pace, bending gently through the back roads in the Thonburi district. Off the beaten track, we'll see lesser-known temples, markets, and sites, including the Princess Mother Memorial Park. A well-kept secret, the park sees few tourists despite its magnetizing ambiance and attractions. Among the park's arching branches stands a small museum, historically rich and well-worth the visit. 

Back on the trail, we'll continue to the Bangkok favorite, Temple of the Dawn. This architecturally impressive structure features five towering prangs adorned by broken pieces of Chinese porcelain. Its construction symbolized an earthly version of the layers of heaven, and admirers attest that mystic spirit is evident still. 

From here, we'll change transport by boarding a boat to take us to the Royal Barge Museum. Off the tourist routes and literally on the Chao Phraya River, this museum is renowned for its display of gilded barges that stretch in narrow lengths up to 46m. 

More than a great view, this tour is a memorable way to experience Bangkok's treasures. 

This is a very gentle 15-km ride along quiet back roads and suitable for anyone that can ride a bike. We ride as a group with experienced cycle guides setting a gentle pace and stop often to visit points of interest and allow everyone to catch up. Our guides are knowledgeable on the local area and customs and explain the history, culture and local way-of-life each time we stop. Water is included as well as a bike and helmet.